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About the XL Group

The XL Group was founded in 2001 in Singapore to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship and effective giving in Asia Pacific. “XL” stands for “Extraordinary Lives” – a life in which we maximise our power to create and our power to contribute. In 2005, XL published “XL 2020 Vision”, which outlines its vision of World Wide Wealth

XL 2020 Vision is to reach a Billion Dollar Challenge target by 2020, when it will have 25,000 companies participating in the XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme (SEA), donating $100 million from $1 billion in profits each year to nominated causes. Already, the amount pledged by participating social enterprises in the XL SEA Programme within the first year of launch is over $15 million. The Mission of XL Group is to facilitate and accelerate this process by providing effective training, networking and resources to entrepreneurs worldwide.

The XL Group comprises a number of different companies – all of which are managed by XL Life Members ready to take on the challenge of world wide wealth.

XL Results Foundation

The XL Results Foundation is a leading entrepreneur and social enterprise network, with 60,000 entrepreneurs globally and operations in Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, UK and the US. The Results Foundation runs coaching accreditation, monthly networking events and a global membership program for entrepreneurs in each country, and has a rapid global expansion plan. It also manages the XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme towards World Wide Wealth, with a calendar of over 1000 events for 2007.

XL Magazine

XL Media publishes XL Magazine, the world’s first magazine dedicated to Social Enterprise. The magazine has featured entrepreneurs and leaders including George Soros, Rudy Guiliani, Richard Branson, Bono, Anita Roddick, Lee Kuan Yew, and other global entrepreneurs of note. XL Magazine will also publish the Social Enterprise 500, a global ranking of Social Enterprises donating 10% of their profits to charitable causes.

XL Events

XL Events specialises in large events for entrepreneurs, including the Global Entrepreneur Summit, the Entrepreneur Business School in Bali, the Wealth Dynamics Weekend (the world’s widest reaching wealth creation seminar) and Alchemy Academy – which is being introduced in mid 2007

XL Vision Villas

XL launched its first resort in Bali in 2007. Each Vision Villas property will provide a workshop retreat for trainers and small businesses and is equipped with a personal development library and workshop facilities. As a Social Enterprise, the resort funds eye operations for the local blind and operates on the basis of Get Vision, Give Vision.

XL Network

XL Network is the online network for entrepreneurs. XL is already actively utilizing ecademy & LinkedIn, the World’s largest online business forum and directory. From 2006, the XL Network has provided global entrepreneurs with an opportunity-led networking platform to facilitate transactions and connect resources.

XL Cafe

The first XL Café was opened in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2007. XL Café’s operate as venues catering to entrepreneurs and professionals looking for a meeting place to connect with others both locally and globally.

XL Finance

XL Finance is the financing arm of the XL Group, and is being developed into a socially responsible investment fund, providing financing to social enterprises and directing a percentage of profits into micro-loans for developing countries.

XL Preschool

A new initiative in 2007, XL Preschool will lead the transformation of the primary and secondary schooling system by making purpose-driven wealth creation and contribution a foundation of the schooling system. The first XL Preschool opened in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2007

XL Property

Launching in 2007, XL Property will source property investments for XL Life Members across a broad range of commercial interest

XL Radio

Launched in September – XL Radio, The Inspiration Station!, broadcasts extraordinary content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from its purpose built studio in Jakarta and from locations around the world.

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